SMS Backup Lets You Save Your Texts SMS & MMS On BB 10

The SMS Backup is worthy of getting a closer look. As it is a quick way to restore and backup your SMS & MMS messages. If you have hundreds of SMS or only a few it is sufficient.

If you have opted for not sharing or copy the text on your smartphone, then BlackBerry link gives backup to your messages. The SMS Backup proffers an easier way of achieving the task of restoring & backing up the information from your handset without connecting it to the system.

Features of SMS Backup

The SMS Backup will Backup text messages (SMS) to an open XML set-up.
It also verifies for duplicates while importing.
Backup media content from MMS.
The app export text messages to a CSV file which can be view, sort & print in a spreadsheet application like Excel.
It will clear all your text messages (remove all text messages safely).
Supports all the versions of Blackberry Operating System 10 including leaks.

You are from the ones who generally switches the handsets or turns out to load all the new available leaks then this app is definitely for you. As it transfers your messages and saves it straight to your handset or the memory card. The SMS & MMS are exported as XML or CSV file along with a zip option & emailing them. To prevent the loss the backups also restore the attached media content in their own subfolders of the shared content.

Using the app is easy as picking the option looking for and clicking on backup. The process of restoring is easy and you have to swipe to choose an option & hit on the apt icon. It is fast and simple and the whole backup takes place within seconds. The files can be accessed via File Manager and can be moved easily or swapped among the devices. It has an option of be cautious of in SMS backup. An option is there to remove all of your texts on your handset. This act is irreparable except a backup file was created until that time.

It is a valuable method of archiving the old messages for future orientation or for anything. It is a handy tool for them who want to keep SMS & MMS on BB 10 devices. It is available for £1.50 and makes your messages simple for you to log if switching over another platform.

For further information, head to BlackBerry world or you can download the app on your Blackberry Z10 or any BB 10 device.

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